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Symbols and souls

The warm nights when the lights tend to burst, those stormy evenings when the souls are restless. In the infinity of blue, femininity and pleasure exult. These calm, peaceful azure waves, which sail constantly, are upset by the passion and the desire to live. Between the lines, warm nuances triumph over this languor. Orange, purplish, pink, the curves take shape and follow one another in a fulminant carnival. They are born, flow and explode before falling back into a bath of sweetness at the origin of time. Then, in their decline, their souls regain anonymity and allow themselves to melt among the others. We forget them, the landscape softens and becomes a soft still horizon.

Through the canvas print "Thunderstorms", we can distinguish two very different scenes. The first part can be seen at the top of the table. These are successive curves in two color charts: cold and serene, warm and vigorous. This tonal contrast symbolizes rupture, escape. The lines are wild, indomitable. They take their courses with a fierce desire to break codes and escape. In the second part of the painting, the electrical atmosphere of the storm becomes tender. The colored ripples seem drained of their energies and are forgotten. They gradually come apart until they form only a succession of uniform lines.

A personal canvas

The magic of abstract works is that the life of its lines and its colors belong only to you. It is a corner of his secret garden, which one can exhibit during his stay without ever giving up a part of himself. The world that exists in the canvas dwells only in the eyes of the beholder.

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