I'm waiting

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I'm waiting, around the corner, in a space of freedom. I am posed serenely, I'm waiting, on the point of fleeing. Between glow and dark navy, I let my ocher thoughts veer at the ends.

There I'm waiting. Mirror, mirror. I'm thinking.

In this table, with intense lyrical colors, you witness the engagement of navy blue and mustard yellow, associated with an astonishing and vitaminized touch of purplish pink.

The caravaggage effect, separating the canvas in the clear dark, takes in its overexposed area an aspect of reflective aluminum layer, a frozen ice rink, a glazed mirror. Diagonally, stands a black overseas storm, plunging the work into obscure clouds of tarnished hues.

Ocher turns to ash like the phoenix, pink is nothing more than a fantastic ghost. All eyes are forced to converge on the vanishing point, located at the crossroads of the three mirror walls. A triangular shape, the Eiffel pyramid, sat, perhaps waiting, in this corner. It emanates from its shape of multiple voluptuous meanders with pink swirls. Triangle of setting in abyss, it is in him that resides the source of all the colored rivers of the table.

Seize the effects, the spirit, the soul. Admire this impression of three dimensions on a flat work like a motorway, the limits of the straight lines and the yellow turns which stop net at the edge of the table but which, in our imagination, still continue their journey.

Put this abstract work in your living room, casually placed above your armchair and you will no longer have any guilt in waiting and idleness, mother of all the tracks of golden reflections, on slippery surfaces. Take advantage of this wait to indulge in all kinds of lyrical and creative abstractions!

I'm waiting
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