Vine in spring

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What is this delicate carbuncle in the fresh hair of the vine?
A light and green loop that forms the new spin of the season! How tender and brilliant the color of the spring leaf is!

Do you hear this thrill, this enthusiasm? It is the sound of sap, the sound of life.
The tendrils twirl and stretch towards the sun in a joyful messy whirlwind.

Little impetuous hands impatient to grow, to spread out towards the merciful skies.
Soon these green branches will crumble under the ripe fruit; round and juicy bunches, promise of glorious harvests, delicious nectars.

A work that catches the eye

Look at this green patchwork costume.
The vines have a radiant appearance with tender green and the luminosity of yellow. The branches are hidden and give way to the abundant foliage. It’s an abundance that is both dense and light on which the sun shines facets. This verdant density has a masculine aspect in the middle of the leaves. They seem to admire a dance improvised by a tendril with feminine curves that takes center stage. It’s a painting that catches the eye and where your mind happily dives into it. It is a call to let go of your memory and your feelings.

An ode to life

Let your mind wander.
Everything evokes the delight and wonder of a spring morning. There is cheerfulness and lightness. It is an exquisite ode to the memory of the springs you have known. This time of year when life seems to come back to your surprise and which you never tire of.
You look and admire around you with the amazed eyes of a child: everything around you is an enchantment. The soft rays of the sun that gently warm the earth. You feel life going up around you and within you.

Vibrations and emotions

Your universe is a vast enchanting concerto. Over here, joyful trills descend from the air and over there it is a delicate rustle in the newly born leaves. On this side a buzz full of cheerfulness rises from the heart of the honey plants. The almost unreal colors of lightness sing in tune. You fill your eyes and ears. The vibrations of this colorful and musical pastoral symphony play with your emotions. You seem to smell the earth. It is still fresh from the dew and warms slowly at the first rays of the morning sun. In the distance, the bell of the village church rings which seems to be part of the celebration. You want to hum a refrain like that of Douce France. You feel light and happy at heart.

Vine in Spring at home

Install this work on the wall of your living room, library or office. The presence of the Vine in the spring in your home will illuminate your living space. Whether your attitude is contemplative, casual or studious, this painting calls your gaze and love. He would even be able to make you stop your activity for a contemplative moment. You then feel your mind relaxed and calm.

The Vine in Spring shines. Contemplate and smile!

Vine in spring
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