The wood of the vine, tormented vine

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If only the sky knew the mystery which hides under my rigid mask and tomb of vine! I will reveal my big secret to you. Open your heart wide. Admirers in love with authentic vineyards, through this print, I make you messengers of an misunderstood, sad and tortured vine! The gods when they see my crucified air are still convinced today that I am sad and tortured.

In all seasons, summer and winter, I wander with this scowl, this silhouette of grumpy old man or passengers of Parisian metropolitan. Beware this is only appearance! I look tortured, sadly twisted with pain in my wooded grimaces, but in truth at each twilight, I sing in the scarlet sun how much I love his soft caress. Under the fawn and autumn leaves, I dance the favorite waltzes of the great god Bacchus. At each dawn, I bow respectfully to the celestial spotlight, then majestically wander the paths of my shadow and sometimes wiggle in the surges of rain. Oh heaven I love the hot breath of summer, slowly sip the celestial water, the roots in a fan in the hot earth, and leave my leafy hair in the shimmering Zephyr. Mmmh just to tell you this gives me chills, flickers and endless joys. And when the icy monster enters the scene, I admire, amazed, his white cloak of a wise virgin and I think, mummified of snow and cold, of crazy summer adventures. It is then that I transform myself into a thinker of Rodin, and a free traveler with happy memories.

It would be lying to you to say to yourself: "I am absolutely not a tormentor". I only wanted to warn you that you should not give too much importance to my dark outfit and my airs of great martyr. In my being hides infinite gratitude and unparalleled happiness. Ah if you live in the Bordeaux vineyards you might understand what it feels like as a vineyard. We are the pillars, colonnades, and bases of this elegant cathedral of divine wine. What would these purple receptacles be without our support? Seeds without tail or head! Pearls from an umbilical cordless necklace! Unhappy abandoned orphans!

The wood of the vine, tormented vine
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LocationFronsac en Gironde (France)
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