Summer in the vineyards of Gensac

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Drink it! As long as the intensely crazy light sets fire to your wine ciborium, nectar dripping with heady luxury. Get drunk on the warm, rustling leaves! Be crazy, dance the bachata of the bunches! Summer lovingly burns bodies thirsty for intense life and authentic joys. The beautiful season of Bacchus in the vineyards of Gensac is like a village festival. Everything is dazzling with colors, green pennants bordered with astral gold foam, balls of ink blood, wooden planks as a dance floor for the happy grapes. The stocks waddle and wiggle in the most uncomfortable poses. The shy ones stay upright like pegs to observe the summer scene. Like an exquisite embroidery, the bunches of grapes form a bluish case, stained with shade and light. In your home, this canvas can only come to life. It is not frozen in an instant in summer, but it truly dances the colors, the scents, the fleeting happiness of the hot season.

The summer poses on the vineyards of Gensac the promise of the next glory of Bordeaux Crémant. Watched by attentive winegrowers, the grapes grow wisely under the dazzling eyes of the golden-haired sun, tears of late afternoon thunderstorms and the cool breeze of the dawn. The rebel vines, obsessed with freedom, have already been tied, by the men of the vineyard, to trellises keen on strict alignment observance. The great magic vintages buzz in the clusters stunned with clarity. They are waiting for the end of the summer, which, like the evening milking, will free their purplish bellies from a treasure so great, so tasty, an international liqueur reverend. They are the sacred tabernacles of a divine incense of mysterious flavors and scents. What a load! Mother of Grand Bordelais, Crémant, Supérieur, Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux, the Gensac vineyard produces a miraculous stream of sons of the sun, noble land and craftsmanship at the end of summer.

Summer in the vineyards of Gensac
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LocationGensac en Gironde (France)
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