Spring in the Bordeaux vineyards

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Here is the spring whispering in its suave and childlike voice in the young shoots and green leaves of the waving words. A tickle of breeze! Astral coaxing! March, April with a golden smile, May with sunny hands, gentle caresses of the summer promise, dressed the Bordeaux vineyards in flower dresses with the smell of drunken days of warm impressions. Green, green, greenish green, verdelet, veronese ... This canvas is a symphony of rebirth, of hope after the freezing cold, a symphony in major green on a score of spring leaves. The beautiful days are born crowned with vigor, and sumptuous golden branches of the sun. It’s a green setting that the enchanting birds graze on. Their melodies sparkle at dawn on the numbed vines and then swirl all day long on vineyards in love with heady lyricism. Under the quilt of protective leaves, the grapes hatch serenely away from the vagaries of nature. Under the celestial azure, the leaves smile with all their flowers at the idea of ​​spending so much time with the star of fire.

What a happy spring with swallow eyes, pink lips with buds, inexperienced ramine fingers! All Bordeaux vineyards are divine sanctuaries where the tabernacles of the upcoming Grands Crus rest! To all passers-by and grazers, this canvas is not a jumble of chlorophyll reserved for the obsessed with picket. It is a hymn to the Bordeaux spring, a hymn to rebirth, to the hard and meticulous work of the winegrowers, to the majestic grandeur of Bordeaux wines. Contemplation! Admiration ! Hush, look! Breathe life! Hear melodiously braying trembling ramées! Lie down at the foot of these loving leaves of green life and soak up timeless moments! Fluttering thoughts ... Spring teaches those who know how to observe and hear it to wait patiently. He teaches in his country courses pure life, without mask, without sickly nostalgia for the past and too inquisitive looks towards the future! Live the moment!

Spring in the Bordeaux vineyards
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LocationLussac en Gironde (France)
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