Spring in the Bordeaux vineyard

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50 shades of green. A rebirth of all nature! A celebration of the chlorophyle empire. First step, first smile, first word in the days of flowers, buds and hugs. Today, rain and wind are not disputed on the land of Bordeaux vineyards, they are silent under the orders of the insolent great star. Can't you hear, in the distance, the Dalai Lama ringing the gong of balance and harmony? Freshness, optimism, youth and serenity, all the effects of the green hues elegantly transpire from the canvas. In the darkness of the extremities, hidden beneath a mountain of ramées, the black duels Hooker, a real darkness worthy of a Caravaggio. The shadows of the chilly season gradually stop shivering to give way to warm days. The Zephyr cheerfully calls the flowers, blowing his luminous laughter on the budding clusters. The winemakers may have already happily waltzed the overly oppressive leaves, which would have cut into the background.

Here is a whole poetry of youthful leaves, bursting with youth. Watch this procession of green bunches of grapes timidly emerging in the distance in an ancient bacchanal, dancing under the diagonal stems. And you, a solitary leaf, duchess of the vineyard, you easily bask on the front of the painting, forcing the spectator to have eyes only for you. Your skin and your attitude have all the lizard, which seeing the celestial lamp, bronze, cushy, the feet in fans, spread out on the tropical vine growers. Gold trickles down the ribs of your glorious body, calling all of Colorado ether to bow down to your pensive posture. The new wine sanctuary hidden under this leaf imposes a desert of silence on those who know the grandeur and nobility of the country's elixir.

This canvas print sings the epiphany of Bordeaux vineyards, the promise of an intoxicating nectar, the joy after the freezing spleen, the communion of azure and spring incense, the rebirth of Mother Nature emerging from her sleep like a freshly smiling nymph that slips out of the water.

Spring in the Bordeaux vineyard
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LocationLalande-de-Pomerol en Gironde (France)
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