Old vine curls and tendrils

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This soft canvas whispers the name of Harmony in the ear of the beholder.
The Bordeaux vineyard reveals a new, subtle and delicate face. The strength of the grape variety is distilled in the vine, flowing in its tendrils like a new sap.

This work reveals the link between the earth, the vines, their blood and the sky, blue, emptiness. If there are mysteries difficult to unravel, that of the interlacing of links is one. Like a piece of land, this work takes us to a vineyard whose green leaves are gently tinted by the autumn fervor. In the distance, the bells of an old church ring out. A new day is announced in the morning freshness. The song of the wind in the trees and the trills of the birds rise in the background. Harvest time has come, the winemaker is not far away, who takes care to tour his vineyard. Suddenly, like a freeze frame. The loop of the old vine. A spin, like an answer to a question that couldn't be asked.

The choice of framing is ingenious and unconventional. The tendril of the vine is highlighted by the low-angle approach which brings the presence of the sky in the picture. The general impression that emerges from the table is that of an omnipresent blur. However, the blur is not really. Indeed, certain lines are clear and certain contours seem to have been drawn on purpose. The artist's choice is not so much the form as the color. Vehicle of emotions, the color highlights a poetic approach more than realistic. What is shown through this painting is much more the feeling, like a snapshot of the artist's soul and, by extension, that of the viewer, than a simple photo of reality.

Old vine curls and tendrils
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LocationMonbazillac en Dordogne (France)
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