Bunch ripened under its leaf

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Under the green leaves with the edges of fire, the grapes indulge in a childish game. Camouflaged under the frills of chlorophyll, they have hide and seek with passers-by and the cunning sun. In fact, don't you find that they are not very discreet in their bright outfit, and their radiant laughter? When you see them, in their charming azure zinzolin dress and their blazing bluish face, you can easily imagine a festival of sweet bubbles bursting in concerto. The mouths in love with starry flavors are impatient while waiting for the harvest with brindezing promises.

Oh heaven what we like these little bright foreheads! How to resist their charm? We want to reach out and caress the receptacles of these future grands crus. But out of respect and fear of offending the holy work of the winegrowers, this idea is flying away. Château Montrose, Kirwan, Armailhac, Marquis de Terme, real royal palaces, to make the great Fontainebleau and Versailles jealous, sleep in these light bulbs illuminated by the burning star. Hush, you are entering the Holy Land! Only light and wind can rub shoulders with these majestic cathedrals. The zephyr, over the moon, wanders a bit, and dances on these blue grapes. Descendant of Olympus, he has the sacred seal of Mercury which gives him the authorization to caress with his hands of silk the divine skin of the Bordeaux clusters. What a privilege!

Modestly, the grape blushes when a spectator discovers it in its vine-leaf outfit. It’s exhilarating to see it behave like a shy girl trying to hide from insistent looks. Today, ripened by the sun, he is far from the paparazzi, but tomorrow, on the chatty tables, he will make more than one sing with his devastating taste. Prey of temptations, discomfort of ascetics, companions of muses, it will be brought to the skies. He has to get used to the flatterers and drinkers of drunk scent little by little. Look at him for a long time, get him used to looks, respects and cuddles. He deserves it !

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Location Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes Gironde (France)
Support Canvas
Format 50x50
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