Before the Bordeaux harvest

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O gracious and plump Bacchus, you are not very discreet! Everyone knows that you run the eve of the harvest in Bordeaux vineyards, under the sober sky, glistening here and there mystical bubbles for your divine nectar. What you make us laugh with your plump lips and your absent look. Caravaggio from the top of its cloud still contemplates you lovingly. It must be said all the same that you play well your role of innocent, prudish model of temperance!

What? Don't you see on this canvas the debauched god? Ah no, I promise you that this is not a hallucination! His breath full of wine stinks of the canvas. And why do you think such a colorful patchwork of festive greenery rests under the feet of serious vines? And that these sacred tanks of great vintages have donned their most beautiful evening attire? It is in honor of the coming of the gods announcing the next harvest, of course! And all this bacchanal can't you hear? The crazy zephyr gesticulates in the leaves, fauns and satyrs sing in unison the intoxicating promise of a shattering drama… Tomorrow, at dawn, paf, these beautiful red bunches of sun will surge in the laughing glasses. At the moment, they can still enjoy the melee of light air and divinely drunk breaths. The grapes await with fearful joy this moment when they will become naughty and hilarious madmen in crystal ciboires.

This canvas is frozen in an intermediate instant, between two lives, like a chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly. A new start towards a dark and closed life awaits these clusters tinged with suave ink but everyone knows too well the holy value of their role to dare to grumble or run away cowardly. Here is a canvas that stands out as a true hymn to the colors of the vintage, wild scents and winegrowers, gentle caresses from Bordeaux. A living, invigorating and intoxicating painting!

Before the Bordeaux harvest
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LocationCoubeyrac en Gironde (France)
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