Autumn in the Gensac vineyards

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A feeling of autumn, a painting that has its own smell

Many artists, including one of the most famous French poet, Charles Baudelaire (also a great wine lover), have often written about a strange but scientific phenomenon called "synesthesia".

This somewhat abstruse term designates the sensation of smelling an odor when seeing a color, of seeing a tint while listening to music, of evoking a taste by just words. "Autumn in the Bordeaux vineyards" has the quality of evoking a set of sensations inherent in autumnal memories.

These warm colors can gently and sensually awaken the wall on which it will be hung. His contemplation quickly calls for the smells specific to Bordeaux vines, both a taste of yesteryear but also the smell of back-to-school fruits such as quince or yellow peach with its glowing interior. These colors are used in a sublime way in this painting which evokes the heat of a late summer as well as the freshness of the wind which makes the first leaves fall.

In its format of 50 by 50 centimeters, this work is perfect to brighten up your interior without distorting it, certainly adding a touch of shimmering colors to interiors that are often too dull today.

This print allows you to escape for a look. You walk through the vineyards under a mild sun, "the hills in flame" as Baudelaire writes, sheltered from everyday and urban worries.
Wine comforts and affirms a joy that some people lack. It is, still according to the poet, "the oil which strengthens the muscles of wrestlers".

Autumn in the Gensac vineyards
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LocationGensac en Gironde (France)
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