Autumn in the Bordeaux vineyards

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Being French, it is difficult not to feel associated with wine and the culture of the vine so representative of our hexagonal culture.

South West terroir

Perhaps you yourself are very fond of wine or have a friend or family member who has a unique relationship with wine or even works there. Perhaps you have taken the wine route yourself around Bordeaux or elsewhere. Perhaps you only have just a few good memories of a quiet but extremely memorable evening that you would have spent as a couple around a good Bordeaux. In any case, it is difficult not to feel sensitive to these orange colors that the grape alone can enhance with its red foliage and orange shoots.

If you are looking for an original but authentic work of art, showy but not aggressive either, this table is made for you and your home. Watching these red leaves bloom around its branch, feeling these vines hugging their stick one last time before harvest evokes both a sweet nostalgia and a feeling of deep rest and wonder in the face of the breathtaking beauty of what the nature bordelaise has more beautiful to show us.

Autumn in the Bordeaux vineyards
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LocationPomerol en Gironde (France)
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