Autumn in Saint-Émilion

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Autumn roars over the fawn vines, full of summer memories. Saint-Émilion makes up the leaves with flamboyant hues. Thirsty for colors, he dresses in red, honey, empire green, saffron and hedonistic red mixed with brown. A real treat! In the background, the painting is sprinkled with a yellowish green light, revealing here and there the hesitant outline of a group of rustic leaves. Some shrubs drown their heads in the white sun. And I see you, the copyist photographers, focused on your viewfinder, staring at the graduation scale, crying out at the scandal of overexposure. What if you decide to make light of your ally, painting your sky with an alabaster white? Clarity cannot remain silent on this grand cru empire, because their name will forever be celebrated in the sacred Olympus of divine nectars. The green hues of the grass lying at the foot of the vines majestically salute the great Bordeaux vintages. Oh Cabernet Sauvage with spicy notes and powerful tannins! Oh great Merlot, star of Saint-Emilion! Ephemeral, this grassy carpet knows that soon under a decoration of fire it will disappear. He shivers and fades modestly into a soft rustle.

Weren't you surprised to discover the omnipresence of blur? Indeed, the artist generates here an ambiguity in the notion of artistic blur, a visual phenomenon which creates the amazement of the viewer that the blur has a defined pseudo contour and that the foreground is as nebulous as the last. While the Turner blur gives a tumultuous general vision and the Impressionists an intentionist blur, the blur here seems almost photographic. It gives much more than an idea of ​​the moment, but it is part of a meta notion of movement with a paradox of sharp outline, identical to the notion of season. Movement within movement: the cycle of LIFE! In this painting, autumn is the major impulse, a dancing season, with the frantic rhythm of tango of changes in nature and the vagaries of time. The aesthetic of the blur is therefore not the result of chance, but it is in harmony with what the artist wanted to sing on his canvas. We could indeed see this work enthroned in a room echoing the grand Fall of Vivaldi.

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Location Saint-Émilion en Gironde (France)
Support Canvas
Format 80x60
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