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  1. Summer in the vineyards of Gensac
    Summer in the vineyards of Gensac

    The summer poses on the vineyards of Gensac the promise of the next glory of Bordeaux Crémant. Watched by attentive winegrowers, the grapes grow wisely under the dazzling eyes of the golden-haired sun, tears of late afternoon thunderstorms and the cool breeze of the dawn. The rebel vines, obsessed with freedom, have already been tied, by the men of the vineyard, to trellises keen on strict alignment observance.

  2. Before the Bordeaux harvest
    Before the Bordeaux harvest

    What? You do not see on this canvas the debauched god? Ah no, I promise you that this is not a hallucination! His breath full of wine stinks of the canvas. And why do you think such a colorful patchwork of festive greenery rests under the feet of serious vines? And that these sacred tanks of great vintages have donned their most beautiful evening attire?

    It's in honor of the coming of the gods announcing the next harvest, of course!

  3. Bunch ripened under its leaf
    Bunch ripened under its leaf

    Modestly, the grape blushes when a spectator discovers it in its vine-leaf outfit. It’s exhilarating to see him behave like a shy girl trying to hide from insistent looks.

    Today, ripened by the sun, he is far from the paparazzi, but tomorrow, on the chatty tables, he will make more than one sing with his devastating taste.

  4. Autumn in the Gensac vineyards
    Autumn in the Gensac vineyards

    This print allows you to escape for a look. You walk through the vineyards under a mild sun, "the hills in flame" as Baudelaire writes, sheltered from everyday and urban worries.
    Wine comforts and affirms a joy that some people lack. It is, still according to the poet, "the oil which strengthens the muscles of wrestlers".

  5. The grape is ripe for the harvest
    The grape is ripe for the harvest

    These bunches, frightened and certainly capricious by dint of being treated like a princess by its neighboring and international admirers, forget that on this canvas the winegrowers will never catch them.

    They are now in the realm of untouchables, immortals. They can easily sit on the walls, frozen forever in their best September clothes. A divine blue moment captured for eternity.

    What could be better, when one is a Bordeaux grape, than the admiration of drunken spectators of colors, scents and roundness!

  6. Vine in spring
    Vine in spring

    Do you hear this thrill, this enthusiasm? It is the sound of sap, the sound of life.
    The tendrils twirl and stretch towards the sun in a joyful messy whirlwind.

    Little impetuous hands impatient to grow, to spread out towards the merciful skies.
    Soon these green branches will crumble under the ripe fruit; round and juicy bunches, promise of glorious harvests, delicious nectars.

  7. Harvest promise
    Harvest promise

    Do you hear this promise? Do you see these ink-blood-drinking pearls that violate with pleasure? They howl under the golden sun that soon, soon, they will dance under the sparkling crystals of glasses of thirsty strangers.

  8. Spring in the Bordeaux vineyards
    Spring in the Bordeaux vineyards

    Lie down at the foot of these loving leaves of green life and soak up timeless moments! Fluttering thoughts ...

    Spring teaches those who know how to observe and hear it to wait patiently. He teaches in his country courses pure life, without mask, without sickly nostalgia for the past and too inquisitive looks towards the future! Live the moment!

  9. Spring on the old vine
    Spring on the old vine

    The azure ether drinks, the head turned upside down in a cotton tablecloth, the soft spring melody.

    "Ah, how good it feels to still be alive," thinks the whole creation, delicately caressing the flowery promises.

  10. The wood of the vine, tormented vine
    The wood of the vine, tormented vine

    If only the sky knew the mystery which hides under my rigid mask and tomb of vine! I will reveal my big secret to you. Open your heart wide. Admirers in love with authentic vineyards, through this print, I make you messengers of an misunderstood, sad and tortured vine! The gods when they see my crucified air are still convinced today that I am sad and tortured.

  11. Autumn in the Bordeaux vineyards
    Autumn in the Bordeaux vineyards

    Being French, it is difficult not to feel associated with wine and the culture of the vine so representative of our hexagonal culture, difficult not to feel sensitive to these orange colors that the grape alone can enhance with its red foliage and its orange branches.

  12. Autumn morning in the vineyards of Saint-Emilion
    Autumn morning in the vineyards of Saint-Emilion

    This canvas captured the moment, freezing the dawn in a revealing snapshot, like Bernini's Daphne metamorphosing under the dumbfounded eyes of the beholder.

    Fleeting, furtive, the day that discolors the night, is not an easy prey to catch.

  13. Vine at the dawn of winter
    Vine at the dawn of winter

    On this canvas, it's a jumble of ocher dresses with magenta borders, orange and apple outfits.

    Ah yes, the leaves are real flirtatious, greedy of admiration. The trembling herbs became curacao by ringing the bell of the hot age.

  14. Spring in the Bordeaux vineyard
    Spring in the Bordeaux vineyard

    This canvas print sings the epiphany of Bordeaux vineyards, the promise of an intoxicating nectar, the joy after the freezing spleen, the communion of azure and spring incense, the rebirth of Mother Nature emerging from her sleep like a freshly smiling nymph that slips out of the water.

  15. Old vine curls and tendrils
    Old vine curls and tendrils

    This work reveals the link between the earth, the vines, their blood and the sky, blue, emptiness. If there are mysteries difficult to unravel, that of the interlacing of links is one. Like a piece of land, this work takes us to a vineyard whose green leaves are gently tinted by the autumn fervor.

    In the distance, the bells of an old church ring out. A new day is announced in the morning freshness. The song of the wind in the trees and the trills of the birds rise in the background. Harvest time has come, the winemaker is not far away, who takes care to tour his vineyard. Suddenly, like a freeze frame. The loop of the old vine. A spin, like an answer to a question that couldn't be asked.

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