Vineyard of Saint-Émilion

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This watercolor paper print representing the hills of Saint-Émilion is an invitation to discover the vineyards of Bordeaux or to rediscover them in a different way.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards

Bordeaux vineyards are often an opportunity to discover landscapes with multiple colors depending on the season. In Saint-Emilion the vineyards of the castles are very appreciated by visitors who are passionate about wines, in search of Grands Crus but also by lovers of the region and open-air wine landscapes.
The green nature of the slopes of the hills of Saint-Émilion have the virtue of giving free rein to everyone's thoughts and enjoying the present moment. In a way a spontaneous meditation could arise when you had not foreseen it, that is also the magic of the landscapes of Saint-Emilion.

Pastel tones and softness in Saint-Émilion

Pastel watercolor tones allow a certain softness to be transcribed through the painting. This perception of colors is specific to each contemplator, but this is what emerges in any case from this vineyard when we look at it.

A powdery pink to represent the vines in bloom, a light green for the green plains after a rainy winter, cyan blue for the shadows in the background and in the foreground a living being, a sheep, which grazes the fresh grass with dew 'a spring morning.

Showcase the Saint-Emilion vineyard in your home

If you are wondering where to place this watercolor, imagine it in a place that lets in light, a room with windows. The spring atmosphere would refresh an empty or sparsely furnished room. White or light minimalist decorative objects placed on a piece of furniture would accompany your watercolor displayed on the wall just above.
A bouquet of heather could sublimate your work as well as any other spring or bohemian floral arrangement.

The dimensions being of medium size (30cm x 40cm) prefer a section of wall which is not too big for fear of seeing your watercolor drowned in the immensity of a horizontal perspective.

In the same collection, the watercolor of the village of Saint-Emilion could be added to that of the vineyard by exposing the two paintings one facing the other so as not to be lost in the nuances of colors. One being hotter than the other.

If you are an unconditional enthusiast of Bordeaux heritage and the vineyards of Saint-Emilion, you will surely be touched by this watercolor. The spring softness that emanates from this painting will transport you to the calm of the Bordeaux countryside.

Vineyard of Saint-Émilion
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LocationSaint-Emilion (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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