Vineyard at the foot of the Château de Monbazillac

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Château Monbazillac and its opulent vineyard: one of the jewels of the Dordogne department, not far from Bergerac, in purple Périgord. Listed as a historic monument in 1941, the Château Monbazillac is surrounded by its terraces and hillsides overlooking the Dordogne.
This view will appeal to enthusiasts of French history, medieval castles, the Périgord region and connoisseurs of white wine.

The history of Château Monbazillac and its vineyard

The castle was built in 1550 by the architect Charles of Aydia. It is rectangular in shape with angles closed by four imposing towers. This medieval-style castle softened by the influence of the Renaissance was built to repel enemies.

In 1777 François Hilaire de Bacalan owned the castle. He became mayor of Monbazillac in 1790 and abandoned his land. The castle was attacked by enemy soldiers from the French Revolution but stood firm.

In 1960, the cooperative cellar of Monbazillac bought the château and especially its vineyard in order to continue the production of Monbazillac gold: its white wine! The 25 hectares of vineyard plots will give pride of place to wine-making activity in the Dordogne, well beyond the borders of New Aquitaine.

The slopes of the Monbazillac vineyard

The illustration represents the terraces of the vineyard where the 25 hectares of vines overlooked by the Château Monbazillac are installed.

Like a spring or summer morning, the vines await the winemakers who will come to care for them. The leaves of each vine are beautiful, green and voluble. The atmosphere that emerges in this image announces a sunny day and a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The flight of birds, which may have come to pilfer a few bunches of grapes, sounds the awakening of nature.

In the background, the rows of vines seem endless and the sun envelops them to ripen the grapes and give it the sweet and fruity flavor of white Monbazillac wine.

Invite the Monbazillac vineyard to your home

Highlight the walls of your home with this image as an open window. Choose a bright room where daylight enters, such as a veranda serving as a patio for the summer, or why not on one of the walls of your wine cellar.

Your wine cellar could be used as an exhibition space. Gather other images of the Dordogne vineyards, castles and landscapes by focusing with a light source on the towers and the vines. An invitation to taste a good white wine from Monbazillac!

Vineyard at the foot of the Château de Monbazillac
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