The village of Saint-Émilion

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The village of Saint-Emilion and its small stone houses along the cobbled and steep alleys is located at the top of a hill. Saint-Emilion, the quintessential Bordeaux village is each year the unmissable stopover for millions of visitors passionate about Bordeaux wines and vineyards.

Village of Saint-Emilion

This watercolor paper print particularly represents the white Bordeaux stone and the grain of the paint would even feel the material under the fingers. Very representative of Bordeaux architecture, this watercolor immerses us in a summer atmosphere with warm colors of the light falling from the sun after a day of good weather.

The roof tiles take on an orange hue under the sun's rays and the shadows of the chimneys can suggest a sweet evening after the alleys of the village of Saint-Émilion have been beaten by the many curious.
The shutters of the houses in the village which are still open suggest that the inhabitants are taking advantage of the last rays of the sun to warm their interiors.

Highlight the village of Saint-Émilion in your home

To offer as a gift for a special occasion to a loved one, or to make you happy and decorate the walls of your house, the watercolor here present could quite be exposed in a corridor letting in light with other works similar on the same theme: the Bordeaux vineyard.

This digital work, 30 cm wide by 40 cm high, could be added, for example, to that of the Saint-Emilion vineyard, which also has the same dimensions.

The village of Saint-Emilion being a preserved place and it is pleasant to visit, placing this watercolor in a living room where your family and friends meet will be ideal to highlight the cachet of its traditional and authentic houses and the warm atmosphere that the tones give off.

If you are an epicurean, passionate about wines and you have the habit of organizing dinners or wine tasting evenings by inviting your friends, the simple fact of contemplating this watercolor printed on canvas or displayed on a wall, will immerse them in a atmosphere in perfect harmony with your invitation of the day.

With the acquisition of this representation of the village of Saint-Emilion, you will be pleased to dive back into your summer memories and your living room will be immersed in a gentle warmth.

The village of Saint-Émilion
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LocationSaint-Emilion (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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