Saint-Emilion vineyard and the Dordogne valley

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Silence! You enter the mysterious setting of the theater of great vineyards. Let yourself be drawn by the various games of the actors of this canvas, motionless and alive. A silent show, you say? No ! Open your heart, hear the cry of the wind, the furtive bleating of a talkative sheep, the rustling of time in the sleeping stones of the ruins of the past, and let yourself be carried away by this landscape that would make bucolic the rustic poet Virgile.

Lying on a green carpet, the pale star drowns in lush greenery where a forgotten haystack lies. It seems that the Van Gogh of the fawn colors passed in this meadow, letting waltz touches of his brush of bright colors. The sheep, frozen in a gourmet instant, compete in their pose with the glorious canvases of the pastoral of Poussin or Watteau.

The dirt road of hers mixed with purplish ultramarine blues, a celestial shadow fallen on the earth, leads to the imposing stone vestige. Refuge of woolly beings and hay frightened by the ice season, this building proudly displays the colors of azure ether. In the Dordogne valley the centuries pass through, from the caves of the first men to medieval castles until today. The picturesque landscapes face the constructions of men.. nature and culture do not fight in a philosophical duel, but they blend harmoniously to form only one coat of arms. "Gules with three crowned gold lions, armed and blasted with azure", the decor of this work triumphantly hoists the colors of the country. Herbs with golden rags, vineyards with clusters and vines thirsting for astral light, golden prestige of the sacred monuments of the ancestors, these are the three crowned lions, armed with Bordeaux grand crus... a weapon of prestige, of strength and a sign of bravery of the working winegrowers. And all this blasted under an azure sky which paints ocean puddles here and there in the color of the Dordogne river.

Saint-Emilion vineyard and the Dordogne valley
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LocationSaint-Emilion (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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