Portal of the Château de Duras

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Si ell dur, yo fort : If the castle is hard, I am strong. Armed with iron and scrolls, the gate of the castle of Duras proudly displays the currency of its territory. Cold and impenetrable, she is the guardian of a sacred heritage, the vestal of flamboyant memories. In her metallic armor, rivaling the ancient soldiers, she stands harmoniously in front of a distant tower, and a decoration of trees dressed in green dresses.

Frozen and paralyzed on this canvas, the bars of Duras seem to be mummified in an instant. Will it always have this ocean hue mixed with raven colors, swept here and there by the pale caressing light of summer ether? Has the monotony of petrified landscapes, boredom in stability, struck this work? From colorists to drawing lovers, copyists and impressionists, all the masterpieces are living hymns: rural and urban decor has a soul, around the sinuous and fluffy bodies circulates air, the scents incense flowers and flesh indolent to go up in the nose of the dumbfounded spectator, ... Will it be the same for the gate of the castle of Duras?

Yes it is! Think again, when you look at this image, gently coloring your bright living room, you will see it metamorphose to the rhythm of the seasons, hours, flowing time like the Dropt. When the dawn rises and discreetly points her nose between the bars, she will paint curtains of ocher hues on the bluish stems. In the midday sun, the grill will mop up the hot sweat. And at dusk, she will nostalgically witness the fall of the star, which is drowning in a bloody pool. And when winter comes, she will put on her alabaster coat.

O spectators, do not despise it by considering it as a vulgar heap of scrap metal. How many noble and valiant people she has let into this field! How many empires of centuries has she lovingly watched parading! Under its iron shell, hides a protective heart for the future, hospitable for passers-by of the present, and grateful and admiring for the past.

Portal of the Château de Duras
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LocationDuras en Lot-et-Garonne (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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