Monbazillac castle vineyard

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The tranquility emerging from the subtle alliance between nature and history is incomparable.
In a peaceful blue sky, inviting to reverie, a flock of birds flies over a landscape of rare beauty. Free, flying beyond a few spring sheep sitting in the skies, these majestic beings slow down their flight above the castle and the vineyard stretching at its feet, as if to freeze in an instant of eternity the splendor of the landscape.

What time are we?
Regardless, the magic simply works. The chateau watches over its estate, like an eternal protector, witness to past generations and quick to shelter many others. The stone keeps its promise to rise, imperturbable and respectful, above the vineyard breathing so much life in these places. The shades of green and yellow then follow the more sober tones of the rock and the roofs of the castle.

From the windows of the towers, it is easy to imagine a silhouette taking a benevolent look at its land, perhaps worrying a little about the time to come before harvest time but finally allowing itself to be carried by the voice of the experience and wisdom, fully confident in the potential of its vineyard. For generations, time has passed peacefully and poured out its uninterrupted flow of delicate nectar. Firmly anchored in these plains offered without restraint in the sun, the vines grow, proud and aware of the heritage of which they want to be both witnesses, actors and protectors. In cleverly orchestrated waves, the gnarled vines stretch their branches towards the diurnal body, in the hope of once again drawing all their vital essence. When the long-awaited fruit occurs, the plains rejoice in a warm, soft and unchanging light.

Reason then offers its shimmering colors to the moving gaze of the passer-by, like a promise of future flavors, comforting and fruity. We are at the dawn of the harvest, these moments of intense joy, sharing, tasting and serenity. From the earth, up to the castle, under the benevolence of the birds in transit, the secrets of the Bordeaux vineyards will once again have been well kept, in order to perpetuate this much loved tradition, of an exceptional drink that we love so much to share.

Monbazillac castle vineyard
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LocationMonbazillac en Dordogne (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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