Illustration of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion

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Painting of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion which will delight lovers of history, beautiful stones and authentic landscapes.

We can see the village of Saint-Emilion in the early morning, hence the dominant blue color. A village that wakes up sunny, full of life. The blue sky of the South offers us an idyllic landscape.

The red and yellow of the houses give a vivid side to the painting, which reminds us of a dreamed Southwest.

World Heritage Site, Saint-Emilion, which is full of visual treasures, history and art, is overlooked by the majestic monolithic church, which sits supreme at the entrance to the village.

The church, built at the beginning of the 12th century, is an architectural gem by virtue of its ingenious design. With a 68-meter high bell tower that overlooks the entire medieval city, which we can see on the painting, she is like a village keeper.

This work suggests to his admirer to climb the 196 steps of the bell tower to admire the breathtaking view of the city and its jurisdiction. This bell tower was earned: it was indeed under construction in a period of three centuries. A true treasure of the Bordeaux country, the church has witnessed several centuries of history. It was indeed built in the XIIth Century, destroyed in the XVIth Century and XVIIIth Century, it owes its beauty and its freshness to the restorations of the XXth Century.

Seeing this church overlooking this village reassures us and makes us wonder about the time, history and immortality of art.

Made on 300 g watercolor paper and offered in 30x40 format, this painting is like a snapshot of history. It captures a centuries-old moment in history.

Perfect in a classic or modern interior, it will be the authentic touch of your home. Far from contemporary concerns, this canvas placed in your interior will allow you to have a timeless landmark.

An invitation to travel, to discover our land and our traditions, without being refractory to our time, as evidenced by its realization which brings a very current note.

Illustration of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion
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LocationSaint-Emilion (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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