Field of sunflowers with old dovecote

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Drinkers of astral brandy! Thirsty Conquistadors of Golden Treasure! Oh sunflowers, beware, you are drowning in the sun so proudly raising your heads crowned with petals. Some of you have the audacity to look directly at the majestic god Re, while others, out of modesty or respect, slightly divert your pretty face. Are you about to offer to the god of fire, like phoenixes sacrificing themselves at the stake of aromatics, the oil that will soon bathe the greatest dishes of French cuisine? Where are you just eating the sweet air of the beautiful Bordeaux season?

On this canvas, the flowers of Helios live golden sparks at the foot of an old dovecote, where incessant caracoulings reign. Roucoucou, roucoucou, the rhythm of the rondo is launched by the pigeons, the wind follows the movement in pizzicato, blowing in the sleeping leaves. Roll of drums, sunflowers enter the scene dancing flamenco in their sun skirt. Under his pyramid headdress, the old man attends the spectacle. He is of stone, coughing nostalgically his youth. Under all these whirlwinds of vitamin colors, he thinks of the happiness he still has of living in such a beautiful setting. This empire of shimmering hues, this sea of ​​sunflowers mixed with the sun, would make the great star-studded Van Gogh, or the majestic Andalusian princes, almost jealous. The sky is full of blue which oozes profusely on the background trees, like the ink of the poet dripping with lyricism under the creative pen. The azure even fled under the sacred mysteries of the beautiful yellow young ladies. Here and there puddles of firmament lie. The heavens have fallen to the earth! O gods!

They are found! What? The sensations of colors! The scent of sunflower yellow mixed with the silky caress of the burning azure, the grayish claws of the rough walls of the old building succumbing to the whisper of herbs in golden rags. Everything is an alchemy of Bordeaux emotions. A symphony of the five senses.

Field of sunflowers with old dovecote
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LocationSaint-Astier-de-Duras en Lot-et-Garonne (France)
SupportPapier aquarelle 300g
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