Dordogne river in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande

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Oyé, Oyé, come and admire the pretty country house of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande. Narcissistic and proud, sumptuous in her pageantry, she contemplates with vanity in the sparkling waters of the Dordogne. Oh how elegant I am in my ocher-colored dress, my frills of greenery and my necklaces of azure shutters! Messiers the mariners, fishermen, craftsmen and traders of the vine and wine, your country looks make me blush with happiness! I thank the sun for its long pure veil of azure ether, which crowns my roofs and facades with blue joys and golden rays.

A talkative village? It may seem crazy to you, but here, the hamlets contemplate openly, without embarrassment, to the rhythm of the sun, in the Dordogne or its tributaries. These small picturesque villages admire, amazed, the sleeping centuries that they protect within shreds of ramparts. See, for example, the bell tower of the Notre-Dame church which, since the 13th century, has been elegantly overhanging the buildings, grouped together like street gossips called by the gossip gong. Its arrow forces the viewer to look up to the happy days, to the ideal, to optimism, to the beautiful! Ad aeternum et ultra !

Founded in 1255 on the banks of the Dordogne, the bastide town of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande is the gateway to Périgord, opening onto the intoxicating paradises of Bordeaux AOC vineyards. Village of the river and wine, this pretty Aquitaine city is not important because of its dwarf size, but because of the cultural and historical treasures it carries, treasures that go beyond mere material notions of quantity or ephemeral attributes. Like Bordeaux wine, the heritage does not die but it is enriched and ennobled over the centuries. This painting is for you, all lovers of the rivers of timeless poetry, the jewels of historic villages, the shimmering light of the Girondins and even to all spectators sensitive to the elegant and luminous grace of this image.

Dordogne river in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
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LocationSainte-Foy-la-Grande (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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