Country lane in Gensac

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On this path with overseas shadows, the soul wanders without pain. Past memories run on the tracks of silence. They lay nostalgically on the laughing grass, thinking of the exhilarating details. In the dry ditches, the dreams of children flow, and the magic castles of Spain roll on the pebbles.
This path may be barricaded, we feel free like a Baudelairian albatross facing the infinite oceans. The desire to do nothing, just to be there, to be the passenger of an ephemeral flight, to breathe the country air of this beautiful Bordeaux country. This land has a drunk scent of winds in love with great vintages. It’s the land of the sun which embellishes its country scenes with holy scents of vineyards. All is wine, light and rustic poetry!

The sun murmurs on the grass green words, which are gilded under the alabaster sky. The bucolic scents incense the trees, dressed in their first fawn dress, designed by the divine huntress Diane. All of nature is a sanctuary of peace, which invites pilgrims to meditate. Not a screech of gravel under heavy shoes, by a single car or hiker breaks the calm of this picture. Here on the canvas, nature is yours. It is your amphitheater, your novel, your stage of expression. The trees, guardians of serenity, stand proudly to protect you from the hellish urban noises. You enter the cave of wandering hearts, wild thoughts, bohemian beings and quiet pleasures. The loose dress, the wavy hair of lyricism, your muse runs briskly in the fields. You are his poet, never forget it! Nothing here will hinder your genius. Let yourself go on the mysterious hills of improvisation, swinging your words to the soothing rhythm of nature, or if you do not feel in yourself a creative breath, this work will whisper on your walls bewitching words, rustic and soothing verbs.

Oh ! Listen ! You could almost hear a river singing in a green lake in the distance and birds chirping to greet the fiery star.

Country lane in Gensac
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LocationGensac en Gironde (France)
Support300g watercolor paper
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