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  1. Vineyard at the foot of the Château de Monbazillac
    Vineyard at the foot of the Château de Monbazillac

    The illustration represents the terraces of the vineyard where the 25 hectares of vines overlooked by Château Monbazillac are installed.

    Like a spring or summer morning, the vines await the winemakers who will come to look after them. The leaves of each vine stock are beautiful, green and voluble. The atmosphere that emerges in this image announces a sunny day and a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The flight of birds, which may have come to pilfer a few bunches of grapes, sounds like the awakening of nature.

  2. Clock Tower in Duras
    Clock Tower in Duras

    Located in the Lot et Garonne, the city of Duras has a rich historical, cultural and oenological heritage.

    World famous for its AOC cotes de Duras wines, it also boasts an architectural heritage including this Clock Tower, a vestige of the fortifications and listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments.

  3. Field of sunflowers with old dovecote
    Field of sunflowers with old dovecote

    They are found! What? The sensations of colors! The scent of sunflower yellow mixed with the silky caress of the burning azure, the grayish claws of the rough walls of the old building succumbing to the whisper of herbs in golden rags. Everything is an alchemy of Bordeaux emotions. A symphony of the five senses.

  4. Vineyard of Saint-Émilion
    Vineyard of Saint-Émilion

    A powdery pink to represent the vines in bloom, a light green for the green plains after a rainy winter, cyan blue for the shadows in the background and in the foreground a living being, a sheep, which grazes the fresh grass with dew 'a spring morning.

  5. The village of Saint-Émilion
    The village of Saint-Émilion

    The village of Saint-Emilion and its small stone houses along the cobbled and steep alleys is located at the top of a hill. Saint-Emilion, the quintessential Bordeaux village is each year the unmissable stopover for millions of visitors passionate about Bordeaux wines and vineyards.

  6. Illustration of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion
    Illustration of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion

    Painting of the monolithic church of Saint-Emilion which will delight lovers of history, beautiful stones and authentic landscapes.

    The red and yellow of the houses give a vivid side to the painting, which reminds us of a dreamed Southwest.

  7. Country lane in Gensac
    Country lane in Gensac

    On this path with overseas shadows, the soul wanders without pain. Past memories run on the tracks of silence.
    They lay nostalgically on the laughing grass, thinking of the exhilarating details. In the dry ditches, the dreams of children flow, and the magic castles of Spain roll on the pebbles. This path may be barricaded, we feel free like a Baudelairian albatross facing the infinite oceans. The desire to do nothing, just to be there, to be the passenger of an ephemeral flight, to breathe the country air of this beautiful Bordeaux country.

  8. Bell tower of the village of Gensac
    Bell tower of the village of Gensac

    Beneath this bronze echo rests the treasures of the centuries. How many mystical "dongs" vibrated under this bell! How many grown-ups with noble and valiant hearts flinched at the sound of this perched melody!

    Hear the verses of the romantic Lamartine resonate, these invisible words which rise under the sacred mysteries of divine poets: "Sing! Broken hearts the stamp is still beautiful! May your moan give soul to stone, tears to dry eyes, a sign to prayer, a melody to the tomb!"

  9. Place Gambetta in Eymet
    Place Gambetta in Eymet

    At the corner of a perpendicular lane, you fall in love with Place d'Eymet, where cafes and breweries open their doors to regulars and people passing through. This central point of the square-shaped medieval city is embellished by half-timbered walls, rough stone and warm colors like wood and white or ocher stone.

  10. Dordogne river in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
    Dordogne river in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande

    Oyé, Oyé, Port-Foyens and Port-Foyennes, come and admire the charming country house of Sainte-Foy-La-Grande. Narcissistic and proud, sumptuous in her pageantry, she contemplates with vanity in the sparkling waters of the Dordogne. Oh how elegant I am in my ocher-colored dress, my frills of greenery and my necklaces of azure shutters!

    Mr. mariners, fishermen, craftsmen and traders of the vine and wine, your country looks make me blush with happiness! I thank the sun for its long pure veil of azure ether, which crowns my roofs and facades with blue joys and golden rays.

  11. Saint-Emilion vineyard and the Dordogne valley
    Saint-Emilion vineyard and the Dordogne valley

    Silence! You enter the mysterious setting of the Grand Dordogne vineyard theater. Let yourself be drawn by the various games of the actors of this canvas, motionless and alive. A silent show, you say? No ! Open your heart, hear the cry of the wind, the furtive bleating of a talkative sheep, the rustling of time in the sleeping stones of the ruins of the past, and let yourself be carried away by this landscape that would make bucolic the rustic poet Virgile.

  12. Portal of the Château de Duras
    Portal of the Château de Duras

    Si ell dur, yo fort : If the castle is hard, I am strong. Armed with iron and scrolls, the gate of the castle of Duras proudly displays the currency of its territory. Cold and impenetrable, she is the guardian of a sacred heritage, the vestal of flamboyant memories. In her metallic armor, rivaling the ancient soldiers, she stands harmoniously in front of a distant tower, and a decoration of trees dressed in green dresses.

  13. The city gate in Duras
    The city gate in Duras

    Dong Dong… 7:30 pm has just rang the bell. The star painted the stone walls with its pale red light. The suns extended in the evening, of a universal consensus, are eternal moments. So that the night never sets in your home, and that time remains suspended at dawn, under an azure orange light, put this work on your happy walls, so that the gaiety, the angelic smiles resonate, and the imposing memory of a monument of beautiful mysterious centuries. Oh time will suspend its flight, and the auspicious hours will continue their course.

  14. Monbazillac castle vineyard
    Monbazillac castle vineyard

    The tranquility emerging from the subtle alliance between nature and history is incomparable.

    We are at the dawn of the harvest, these moments of intense joy, sharing, tasting and serenity. From the earth, up to the castle, under the benevolence of the birds in transit, the secrets of the Bordeaux vineyards will once again have been well kept, in order to perpetuate this much loved tradition, of an exceptional drink that we love so much to share.

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