Atelier de Gensac

Bordeaux vineyard

On these canvases, it's a jumble of colorful dresses, green outfits. Ah yes, the leaves are real flirtatious, greedy of admiration. The trembling herbs became curacao by ringing the bell of the hot age. Purified by the cool breeze, they begin to dance on a carpet of green grass, like dervishes, for the divine ice cream ceremony.

Aquitaine landscapes

Silence! You enter the mysterious setting of the theater of great vineyards. Let yourself be attracted by the various games of the actors of these paintings, immobile and alive. A silent show, you say? No ! Open your heart, hear the cry of the wind, the furtive bleating of a talkative sheep, the rustling of time in the sleeping stones of the ruins of the past, and let yourself be carried away by these landscapes that would make bucolic the rustic poet Virgil.


Digital art

The magic of abstract works is that the life of its lines and its colors belong only to you. It is a corner of his secret garden that can be exposed during his stay without ever giving up a part of himself.
The world that exists in the canvas dwells only in the eyes of the beholder.

  1. Volcano
  2. Porcelaines
  3. Mycorhizes
  4. Abysses

Who are we ?

Atelier de Gensac was born from the emotional bond between a mother and her son, as well as from the complementarity and the fusion of two energies, Sophie's creative passion and Antoine's innovative competence.
At the junction of two life paths, we decided to combine our respective talents, skills and passions in order to potentiate them: graphic art and web development.


Gensac is a charming little village of Gironde between Libourne and Bergerac, in France.
This is where everything is created. Inspiration is comming from the vineyards of Bordeaux to those of Bergerac, from the banks of the Dordogne to the old stones of the bastides, from every images with a strong character!

Sophie Provain Graphiste

Sophie is a graphic designer, passionate about photography and graphic art. Always with a camera in hand, she captures the magic of the countryside, and more particularly the Bordeaux vineyards and the architectural treasures of Aquitaine heritage. Her shots, she works and sublimates them to make unique and original works. In addition to this work rooted in the region, she is passionate about creating digital images.

Antoine Martin Magento

Antoine is a computer developer, self-taught. His different professional experiences in e-commerce, his thirst for learning and experimenting, under the impulse of a passionate curiosity, allowed him to acquire quality skills in the creation and dissemination of merchant sites. His enthusiastic energy is one of the engines of this association.

Canevas PreviewCanevas Preview
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